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Bedhampton Retail Park - blink and you miss it

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This page is from 2004

Bedhampton Retail Park

Another busy day in Bedhampton Retail Park!

9:50am on an April morning, 2004

The page that brought you here said that Bedhampton is apparently a hot-bed of UFO visitation and very little else.

By way of proof of those last three words, we'd like to tell you about Bedhampton Retail Park.

We suspect this jewel in the crown of Bedhampton is worthy of a great deal more attention than it gets.

So whilst you are exploring the odd-ball corner of our website, we would like to redress the balance and invite visitors to Bedhampton and the Havant Area to make a pilgrimage to seek out and sample the veritable delights of Bedhampton Retail Park - possibly the UK's smallest shopping centre - tastefully situated in an old quarry.

Bedhampton Retail Park contains one shop.

And very little else.

Stop press - April 2004 - the story continues!