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UFOs in Bedhampton, Havant?

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This page is from 2004

Bedhampton UFO or hoax?

The Bedhampton Village Sign

How can anyone suggest that there are
UFOs in Bedhampton?

Bedhampton - Flying Sorcery?

Amongst the Concert venues that my guitar orchestra and my guitar workshop played in, there were several in Bedhampton - 1km from Havant - including Bedhampton Social Hall, and St Thomas' & St Nicholas' Churches.

If you search for Bedhampton in google, you'll find that it's apparently a hot-bed of UFO visitation and very little else ...

It would be a shame for visitors to our Concerts to cancel for fear of alien abduction, especially if the concert is for charity. So let's reassure you!

I've lived in Bedhampton for over 25 years and so I'm particularly well-placed to offer you the following insights into the reports on the Internet ...

I'll let you decide, but I haven't seen any UFOs.
Why not? Because (wait for it ...) Bedhampton is part of the Haven't Area!

I prefer to think that UFO stands for "Unusually Fanatical Orchestra" ... so, if you came to a Hampshire Guitar Orchestra concert, you will have heard a UFO in Bedhampton...


Footnote - there's a little bit of the real history of Bedhampton on my website too!