The Old Guitar Ensemble School

hampshire gallery - Privett's Copper Beech Tree

The warm autumn sun captures the Copper Beech tree in Privett, near Petersfield, Hants

photo of Privett

I'm lucky to have welcomed my good friend and guitarist Bruce Paine over to the UK from his native New Zealand on more than one occasion.

Thomas Edward Paine, b1868, was Headmaster of Privett School and was present at the planting of the tree,
which celebrated the school winning a shield presented by the RSPB for the best essays on birds and trees.
The tree was planted by Miss Gertrude Nicholson, and the newspaper of the time reported that
"After formal presentation of the shield by Capt. Hugh Nicholson, a 'royal' tea was greatly enjoyed by everyone present."

What makes all this rather special is that Thomas Paine was the great-great-uncle of Bruce.
I took Bruce to see the tree and the stone above the school door - "To The Glory Of God AD MDCCCLXVII" - during his 1998 European tour.

Visit Bruce's site for a super set of photos showing the school then and now.