Oh, you said "candles" ...

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A home-made cake to celebrate hago's fourth birthday in 2003

Seems someone mis-heard the MD's request for four candles - voila - the only birthday cake with fork handles...

Birthday cake

But the cake was delicious!



We were saddened by the death of Ronnie Barker, who under the pseudonym Gerald Wiley, wrote the Two Ronnies hardware store sketch that included the four candles/fork handles word-play that we in hago still love.

This page attracted a massive influx of visitors following Ronnie's death, because it comes so high in Google for searches for four candles and for fork handles (try saying that as perfectly as Ronnie Barker would have done!)

Looking for the script of the sketch? Sorry - it's in copyright - the Barker estate shouldn't see his works given away. Look elsewhere.

Although we have nothing else on this site about Ronnie Barker, we salute Britain's funniest and most wonderful comedian, who ensured that every script was crafted with love & attention and executed with an effortless precision. It's good night from us Ronnie.