hago - when things don't go to plan

In hago we work hard to give our audiences the best we're capable of.

But just sometimes all our attention to detail seems to fly out of the window...

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Harry Worth

May 2010
Who's that behind the tree?

Ageing rockers

December 2006
Ageing Rockers unite

Playing the bottom part

September 2004
hago turned shy? Surely not!

Our leader's magnificent waxed moustache

July 2004
Discover what's going on here!

Guitar Wars

June 2003
CGO try the "drawing pin on the seat" trick on hago

The PMPU April Fool Guitar

April 2003
"Have you guessed what it is yet?"

Birthday cake with four candles and fork handles

February 2003
hago's 4th Birthday party
Take a closer look at that cake...

The whole of 2000

The whole of 2000
Find out why it's a year hago would rather forget...
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Constipation? A new name for our orchestra?

September 2000
hago's new name means
we might suffer from constipation

Keep your eye on the conductor

December 1999
Maintaining eye contact with the
Conductor at all times is SO important

Denture just hate it when this happens?

March 1999
Rule 1 : Never get too close to your neighbour in a publicity shot