ABRSM music medals for guitar - copper to platinum

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The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - ABRSM - began a fascinating initiative a few years ago.

Music Medals is a scheme to recognise achievement by schoolchildren who enjoy group musical instrument lessons. There are medals in copper, bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

What makes the Medals innovative and exciting is that the medals have an emphasis on ensemble, as opposed to solo, performance, and the ensemble is made up of a mix of players under assessment and players not under assessment but still playing a medal part.

That mouthful of an explanation means that school children who share a guitar lesson can now perform together and be awarded medals for their achievement.

hago are delighted that their Musical Director was commissioned to write 7 pieces for the launch of this scheme - it is an initiative that promotes ensemble playing - something dear to the heart of all hago players.

For more details of the Music Medals scheme, or to purchase their latest collections of Medals pieces, visit the Music Medals website.

Music Medals for Guitar