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The hago cup

Music festivals are a wonderful way to hear music of all standards, to enjoy playing alongside other musicians of similar ability and to be inspired by those who play so well.

Within striking distance of Havant, there are annual festivals in Portsmouth and Chichester.

We competed in both local festivals in 2001, and we were surprised, delighted and rather chuffed to win first prize in both Festivals in the guitar orchestra/large guitar ensemble category. There is more in our 2001 Gallery.

Following our first place in the Portsmouth Music Festival's Guitar Ensemble category and our subsequent invitation to play the closing item at the Winners' Concert, the PMF Chairman asked us to consider donating a cup for the Guitar Section.


Reaching out

Our 2003 concert with Cambridge Guitar Orchestra made it possible for us to purchase and donate "the hago cup" which we presented to the Portsmouth Music Festival (PMF).

We are pleased to be able to support the festival in this way - it aligns strongly with our aim of reaching out into the community and promoting guitar more widely.

Intended to stimulate and to encourage ensemble classical guitar here on the South Coast, the engraved cup is awarded annually for the best performance on two or more guitars.


More about Portsmouth Music Festival (PMF)

The guitar section of the PMF is usually held in February each year.

We send everyone who enters the festival in a section for two or more guitars our very best wishes - good luck!

The cup was first presented in 2004.

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The cup

Portsmouth Music Festival hago cup


Portsmouth Music Festival
The hago cup
For the best performance
on two or more guitars