the soprano/octave/piccolo guitar

Dig deeper and there are still more members of the guitar family!

The soprano guitar

The Soprano or octave or piccolo guitar is tuned eight notes up compared to the prime guitar. It finds use in the larger Niibori orchestras, and it takes a similar role in a Niibori orchestra to the soprano cornet in a British Brass Band - a descant instrument that sits above the main workhorse lead instrument (the alto guitar or Bb cornet, respectively).

In common with the instruments in the mandolin family, for example, the sustain of this, the highest guitar, is limited, and (unlike the mandolin's tremolo) is not easily extended.

The tuning is E A D G B E one octave above the classical or prime guitar.

The scale length of 400-430mm is longer than half the standard guitar, so the strings are necessarily thinner, bringing an associated difficulty in maintaining accurate tuning for extended periods of time.


Where the soprano fits in the guitar family

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