other sizes of guitar in the guitar family

In hago, we use the alto, prime, bass and contra guitars - based on the Niibori instrumentation.

Here, you'll find brief information on other members of the guitar family - a bewildering collection containing, amongst others ...

Four string guitars

Thanks to computer imagery, here are the scale lengths for all the 6-string guitars we mention, from contra to soprano.

Montage of the guitar family

There's a bit of artistic licence here...
In the classical guitar family the neck width stays pretty much constant - our photo manipulation just can't do that!


The treble, classical, baritone and contra form a (rare) ensemble closely related to the Niibori orchestration (but just different enough that Niibori music can't be played without two lines being re-written in another key).

Although this section is not exhaustive (we're missing the baroque guitar amongst others), we'd be the first to admit that it's exhausting!