baritone guitar - strings

Baritone guitar strings

Hannabach baritone strings

For Classical Baritone Guitar (in A)

It's possible to use the same "dodge" as hago do for their B-Bass, combining a single string for the deepest notes, and a conventional set (minus the top string) for the remaining strings, so that each conventional string is one higher that on the classical.

The extra whole tone depth to the baritone would make the strings a little slack compared to our bass, but using a D'Addario NYL 056 and a set of EJ44 extra hards would be an economical way forward.

Alternatively, Hannabach will supply a set to your choice of scale length and tension.

For Steel-Strung Baritone Guitar (in B)

D'Addario EXP guitar stringsD'Addario XL Electric guitar strings

As with conventional steel-strung guitars, the acoustic has a heavier gauge of string than the electric, with acoustic sets ranging from a 13 thou top to a 16 thou, broadly corresponding to a 10 thou to 13 thou top string on a conventional acoustic guitar.

Reliable and well-established makes include D'Addario, La Bella and Ernie Ball. D'Addario acoustic and electric strings are pictured here in their 2005 packaging.