Meet the classical guitar family

We use Niibori (what's this?) guitar orchestra instruments, which are tuned half an octave apart.
The alto, prime, bass and contrabass guitars give the guitar the same standing as the string quartet, the brass band, the recorder consort, the chest of viols and the saxophone choir. The extended compass and rich tone bring our music alive.

Our guitars - from left to right : contrabass prime bass + alto guitar

The contra guitar is tuned an octave below the prime

The contra's rich, sustained depth adds majesty to the sound

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The prime guitar is a conventional classical guitar

It's very versatile and features in all hago's arrangements

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The bass guitar is tuned a fourth below the prime

The bass adds solidity and warmth to the sound

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The alto is tuned a fifth above the prime

The thin strings and spruce table add a bright clarity to the sound

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Our guitars are transposing instruments - different sized guitars but all the same to play. Visit our FAQ pages for more information.