hago & Flautissimo in pictures


This gallery celebrates our friendship with Flautissimo, the Southampton Flute Orchestra, who very kindly (or perhaps very bravely) invited us over to the Turner Sims Hall in Southampton in 2010 for a joint concert. The evening proved a real crowd-pleaser, with the two orchestras complementing each other so beautifully - we just had to do it again in 2011!

See also Flautissimo's website

2011 - concert at St George's Portsea - the Shipwrights' Church

St George's Portsea - the Shipwrights' Church

St George's, Portsea

Flautissimo in the Green Room

Flautissimo in the (very) Green Room.
Seen here combining a rehearsal and bag sale

Flautissimo in concert

Flautissimo opening the concert

Flautissimo in Portsea

The view from the upstairs gallery

A short snippet of Flautissimo

2010 - concert at the Turner Sims, Southampton

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra - guests of Flautissimo

Here's hago - 16-strong - playing one of their two sets at the Turner Sims Concert Hall on 20th March 2010

Apologies for the quality - it was taken from quite a way back in the hall


And here are Flautissimo performing - captured from a video of their performance.

HAGO in the pub

hago doing what we do best!

See also Flautissimo's website