Guitar tunings - pitches of the open strings of the guitar family

Guitar family tuning - a summary

Instrument Notes (bottom to top) Compared to guitar
Soprano, octave, piccolo (E) E A D G B E
165 - 659 Hz
An octave up
Alto, quint (B) B E A D F# B
123 - 494 Hz
A fifth up
Treble, requinto, quart (A) A D G C E A
110 - 440 Hz
A fourth up
Terz (G) G C F Bb D G
98 - 392 Hz
A minor third up
Prime E A D G B E
82 - 330 Hz
(at pitch)
Bass, quart bass (B), baritone (*) B E A D F# B
62 - 247 Hz
A fourth down
Baritone (*), quint bass, guitarron in A A D G C E A
55 - 220 Hz
A fifth down
Contra, octave bass, guitarron in E E A D G B E
41 - 163 Hz
An octave down

Pitch is based on Concert Pitch (A = 440 Hz)

Once tuned, the chords of C and E will indicate whether the guitar is in tune with itself or not, in the same way that they are an excellent check on a classical guitar.

Note that all these tunings are based on the same intervals as the classical guitar's E A D G B E

(*) The steel-strung baritone is usually in B, and the classical baritone is usually in A - read our baritone page

We recommend Intellitouch Tuners, which are fully chromatic.

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