Making the contrabass guitar sound deeper - FAQ

The results

The results on the contra were so fantastic that we've added a Tornavoz to each of our bass guitars too.

The photo shows the unobtrusive modification.

Below is a short soundclip - a phrase of music before the Tornavoz and a phrase after.

The resonance of the bass has been lowered by 5 tones, from the open 5th string to the open 6th string, as you will hear.


Note - you won't hear any difference if you listen on a laptop or a PC with a small speaker - you need good speakers to hear the deep bass!

The music (listen here) moves from "before" to "after" without stopping, at the halfway point


  • The notated B (actually E - the bass in bar 2) has a pronounced resonance
  • The 5 notes below B (down to notated E) are all thin
  • The sound is boxy


  • The B (the bass in bar 2) is now neutral
  • The bottom note (notated E) is much stronger
  • There is greater note separation

The contrabass guitar

Job done
The bass with the port fitted
(nestling between prime and alto)

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