Rehearsital - a definition

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Well, it all began in June 2003 when Geoff Page, Fund-Raising Director of The Rowans Hospice, invited us across to their Seminar Room on probably one of the hottest days of the year, to play for staff and volunteers.

hago had already planned a Concert for the following Thursday, and so this took the place of our Dress Rehearsal.

So there we were - holding a Dress Rehearsal in public (with suitably muted language in the event of minor slips!)

What to call it? Easy!
(defn) : An amalgam of Rehearsal and Recital

How to pronounce it? Not so easy!
We prefer Rehears-eye-tal - with the same accent as Recital.
We feel that Rehearse-it-all doesn't sound quite so positive!

Rehearsital : first recorded use of the word on the Internet - June 2003, here on our website