hago in pictures - The Birdman of Bognor

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - The Birdman of Bognor

hago's association with the Birdman of Bognor lasted 3 happy years, starting in 2005. Unfortunately, the pier was badly damaged in the winter of 2007-8, and the competition moved along the coast, and out of our reach, to Worthing.

What is it?

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Birdman 2005

We were privileged to have New Zealand Guitarist Bruce Paine with us...

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra at Birdman of Bognor

The team pausing for a photo in the car-park

Bognor Pier

And then the long walk to Bognor Pier, pictured in the distance...

The VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge wasn't exactly the best place for walk-by trade...
Or for VIPs, looking at the decor!

Birdman of Bognor

... but the view was spectacular.

Here's the view back to the beach.

Bridman of Bognor

And here's the view to the pier.

And yes, that is Batman, about to jump off...


Some craft didn't emerge from the water in a re-usable form...

Rob Morency (1)
Rob Morency (2)

Birdman 2006

Another glorious day, and this time we're in the bandstand on the promenade

Hago at Bognor Bandstand

Here we are setting up on a glorious day!

The Birdman of Bognor
The Birdman of Bognor

Some of the entries look so promising...

The Birdman of Bognor

... but they're not!

Birdman 2007

Possibly the windiest day in living memory!

Hago at Bognor Bandstand

The wind was so strong it was blowing music stands over....

The Birdman of Bognor

... but it didn't put off the fancy dress competitors

This chap certainly isn't chicken...

The Birdman of Bognor

The Blues Brothers were soon moving from Blue Sky to Blue Sea!

The Birdman of Bognor

And so as the sun sinks towards the horizon, hago bids farewell to the Birdman of Bognor forever...