hago News Archives - 2015


  • A year with special guests and new recruits!
  • We returned to Basingstoke, by popular demand, for a second really enjoyable concert.
  • One of our concerts raised £3,800 for good causes

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December 2015

Happy Christmas

December 21st

We want to wish all our fans from afar and all our local audiences a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Spend 60 seconds with us - we have put together a little YouTube video.

And if you have a little more time, please visit our 2015 photo gallery.

Pound sign

The total money raised for charity is now £71,273 - thank you everyone who supports our concerts!

October 2015

October 22nd

Pound sign

We've just been totting up some figures - our fund raising total for charity so far has now crosssed £70,000.

Thank you everyone who has come to our concerts - just by coming along, you've been part of this wonderful achievement!

October 9th

From Basingstoke Lions newsletter for September 2015

This was undoubtedly one of the most delightful evening’s entertainment I have ever experienced. And it was very clear from the audience reactions that they felt the same. Ten guitarists played for us on this occasion led, as ever, by their hilariously understated Director, Derek Hasted...
...The audience were completely captivated. While the orchestra played there was not a sound from them. I had a look around and the facial expressions were a mixture of rapt attention and silly grins, with the latter predominating. The whole programme was a marvellous mix of tunes from the last three centuries alternating the truly beautiful with real toe tappers. It was a super performance which didn't hit a single bum note.
The members of the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra are lovely people. They have raised over £65000 for charity and they helped us to a net profit of £740 for our evening. They are looking for other guitarists to join them, so why not check them out on their website . You can also see and hear them performing on Youtube. Enjoy!

Read the whole review here

September 2015

September 27th

HAGO at Basingstoke

Our concert for Basingstoke Lions last night raised £740 for charities in the Basingstoke Area - thank you to everyone who came along and supported the evening. What a fantastic audience you were!

The organiser writes "Very many thanks to you and all the players for last evening's splendid concert. "

There are photos at the foot of our 2015 gallery.

September 26th

Not excited by the prospect of watching 80 minutes of men running around tonight playing rugby?

Then come along to our concert tonight at Queen Mary's Hall Basingtoke, and watch 90 minutes of hago's men and women entertaining you with our unique selection of music. You'll be helping Basingstoke Lions raise what we hope is another substantial sum for local charities! Details here

Arne and Debra

September 18th

Last night was our dress rehearsal for our Basingstoke concert on Saturday September 26th. Wow - another evening of solid sounds, cunning countermelodies and fantastic fun.

Our surprise guests who are playing with us at Basingstoke have quickly got into the hago way of not taking things too seriously!

There's a larger photo in our 2015 photo gallery.

September 2nd

Where HAS the summer gone? Indeed, did the summer ever come?

Well, the nights are (sadly) starting to draw in, but we reckon that makes the whole idea of going out to an indoor venue for a fun evening seem more appealing.

And on September 26th we've been booked to return to Queen Mary Hall QMC Basingstoke, for a full evening's music, mirth and fund-raising for our great friends the Basingstoke Lions.

If you belong to Facebook, please help us publicise the event. All you have to do is...

  • Visit the event on Facebook
  • Share it on your News Feed or in a Private Message to friends.
  • Ask them to share it too - that's the thing that gets the word out - reaching people we don't know!

Let's get the word out!

May 2015


May 31st

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St George's Waterlooville

May 31st

The Waterlooville Music Fastival is coming soon.

We're playing on Thursday 18th in the evening - more details on our concert page, together with a link to the Festival website- there are concerts every lunchtime and every evening for an entire week!

Petersfield Festival Hall

Sorry it's taken so long!

Our concert for the Petersfield Lions on April 11th has raised £3,800 for good causes - what an amazing total.

The total will be split between The Lions and the Petersfield Town Mayor, so that a wide variety of good causes will benefit.

Thank you for helping to make the evening such a success


May 1st

Curely that can't be a bucketload of ketchup at our rehearsal last night?

Yes it is, and if you scroll to the bottom of our 2015 gallery, you'll find that there was more than just ketchup on the table.

April 2015

Johannes Dimyadi and his orchestra

April 14th

We've just heard that Johannes Dimyadi and his children's orchestra were playing hago's arrangement of Danza Cubana over in New Zealand, a day or so away from when we were playing it in Petersfield! There's a larger photo at the foot of our 2015 gallery.

HAGO at Petersfield

April 12th

We really enjoyed our concert last night at Petersfield Festival Theatre, raising money for Petersfield Lions and Petersfield Mayor's appeal.

We'll post the fundraising total here as soon as we have it.

We have added just over half a dozen photos to our 2015 photo gallery - click and scrolll down to see them.

April 5th

Happy Easter to all our Fans and Followers, here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Hoping to see some of you at our massive "Combined Concert" in Petersfield on April 11th - details here...

March 2015

HAGO Newsletter

March 23rd

We've just sent out another of our occasional newsletters.

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March 23rd

We played a Private Booking last Thursday at Homewater House. We played there last October, and clearly word has got round, because the audience doubled in size for this one. The residents held a retiring collection in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

It brings our total raised for charity to £65,476

March 10th

Booking details for our shared concert at Petersfield Festival Hall on April 11th are now on our concerts page - 3 acts - a massive concert - all for charity.

March 6th

We're back in print!

HAGO in print

Postcode Publications ran a feature on us - check out their current edition, free from most Shopping Centres

February 2015

HAGO Birthday

February 20th

Last night was the rehearsal closest to our birthday - we're 16 years old this year.

It wouldn't be a birthday without cake - visit our 2015 gallery to see the guitar cake that Viv baked for us - all lemony and lovely!

February 19th

Brrrr! It's still cold here in Hampshire, and we're still not ready to start playing in Churches again - we're sure you can see why. But we do have a fair number of concerts booked now - why not click on our concerts page and see when we're playing near you...

January 2015

January 20th

There's not a lot of news - we're hibernating during the winter. Actually, that's not true, we're busy rehearsing for our 2015 season and also starting to recruit new players, as you'll see from our slightly updated home page.