hago in pictures - 2015

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2015

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2015 - highlights of some of the things we've been up to...

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Hampshire Guitar Orchestra - Hago - February 2015

February, and time to celebrate our 16th birthday!

HAGO Group Photo - February

Another group shot with new recruit Ben the right way up...


Thank you to Viv for another scrummy cake

This year, our cake has rather a lot of tuning pegs, plus some putting green flags and the finish line from a ski race

HAGO at Petersfield Festival Hall

Come into our dressing room at Petersfield Festival Hall

Guitar cases at Petersfield Festival Hall

Mind the clutter!

HAGO at Petersfield Festival Hall

Ah - here we are - chilling out before our set

HAGO at Petersfield Festival Hall

The tension is palpable. Or perhaps not!

HAGO at Petersfield Festival Hall

On stage at Petersfield Festival Hall, raising money for Petersfield Lions - photo thanks to Trevor Copping

HAGO at The Good Intent

And then chips at The Good Intent Petersfield
What a superb post-concert meeting place!

Chips all gone!

Here's more of the team and none of the chips!

HAGO at The Good Intent

We presented Alan with a Photo Album celebrating his time in hago.

Photo album

Here's Lisa, Jenny and Caroline looking at the album

Alan's Photo Album

And here's a peek at what was inside...

Johannes Dimyadi and his ensemble - New Zealand

What a coincidence!
Round about the day that we were playing Danza Cubana in Petersfield, Johannes Dimyadi and his ensemble were playing our arrangement 12000 miles away in New Zealand

Fish Thursday

When there's five Thursdays in the month, there's generally Fish & Chips in the rehearsal!

Arne Brattland and Debra Adamson

Our special guests at our Basingstoke Concert (Arne and Debbie)
seem to have got into the hago way of having fun!

Arne Brattland and Debra Adamson

The stage is set for our hago concert at Basingstoke

HAGO at Basingstoke

And here are most of us - ready for the off.

HAGO at Basingstoke

hago in concert at Basingstoke - thank you to Graham Addison for the photo

HAGO in the pub

It was our pleasure to present Debbie & Arne with a token of our appreciation for their magnificent playing.

HAGO in the pub

And we just had to have some chips to round off the evening...


Preparations for the end-of-year party always involve industrial quantities of food!

HAGO team

In the blue corner, the team put down their plates defeated...


But out in the Conservatoire, the red team are still stoking it in!

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