hago in pictures - 2014

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2014

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2014 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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Ready for the off!

"There's a plaice for us...."

hago starts the year as it means to go on - with food.
The fifth Thursday of the month is Fish Thursday

Food and friends

Food and friends

And a huge amount of laughter!

The Point Eastleigh

The stage is set for our concert on 6th February 2014 in aid of the Mayor of Eastleigh's Appeal

The Point Eastleigh

And we're off...
Photo courtesy of the Mayor of Eastleigh

Eastleigh Concert

Job done - the Mayor of Eastleigh thanks us for our performance

The Mayors of Eastleigh, Winchester, Fareham and Rushmoor

It wasn't just the Mayor of Eastleigh, there were also the Mayors of Winchester, Fareham and Rushmoor

Ready for the off!

The dressing room - team bonding. And tea.

Thank you to the Mayor of Eastleigh, Councillor Malcolm Cross for ensuring we had food and drink in quantity - yum!

Dog and Crook Brambridge - shut when supposed to be open

Our post-concert wind-down was at the Dog and Crook Brambridge
Its website says it closes at 11pm on weekdays.
Here it is at 10:28 - the owners were in bed - we saw them turn the upstairs lights out...

The Hare and the Bear

Another concert, another dressing room!
Here we are at Kinson, playing for Dorset Guitar Society on March 1st
And inspired by the 2013 John Lewis Christmas advert (The Hare and The Bear), we present our tribute - the Rabbit and the Koala

Kings Arms near Kinson

Better luck with the wind-down at the Pub too, compared to last month's concert! Here we are at The Kings Arms, in a cosy corner that the flash had trouble lighting up!

Hago's 15th birthday

Less than a week later, we start preparations for hago's 15th birthday with the Great British Cake-off

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's 15th Birthday

And here's the cake in its finished state, at our rehearsal
just before it was finished off!

As always, thank you to Viv for an excellent cake.

Setting up for our concert in Hythe - 2014

Setting up for our concert in Hythe at Cornerstone URC

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra at Hythe

Ready for the off!

Hythe URC

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's concert in Hythe

As is our tradition, we repaired to a local hostelry before we headed off in different directions.

Hello Sexy

Seems they knew we were coming...

Setting up at Basingstoke

On March 29th we shared a concert with Basingstoke Rock Choir
at Queen Mary's Hall
Setting up - ready for action...

Basingstoke Rock Choir

Talking of the Rock Choir, here's a few of the 83 singers that night!

If the hat fits...

If the hat fits, wear it.
Or in Avril's case, if the hat doesn't fit, wear it anyway...

HAGO in action in Basingstoke

hago in action - photos on Facebook by Maggie Chiverton

HAGO in Basingstoke

hago and some very special guests, enjoying a quiet drink before the long trip home....

St John's Church Hall, Rowlands, Castle

With this much laughter, you can be sure they weren't laughing at one of our MD's jokes...

Basingstoke Pub

Setting up for our Rowlands Castle concert

Green room

Our luxuriously appointed Green Room, er, Cupboard

Setting up

Setting up for our Rowlands Castle Concert - September 2014


Some people are petrolheads

Here in hago, we have guitarheads
This is Alan with his cyclops impersonation

Post-concert wind-down

Post-concert wind-down, or was it wine-down

Post-concert wind-down

Rich's wife Kate produced some excellent Chilli Cheese Straws. Yum!

Cheese straws

More Cheese Straws!

Post-concert wind-down

After our Carol Concert down in Portsmouth, we met up for Curry and Chilli

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