hago in pictures - 2013

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2013

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2013 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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Hampshire Guitar Orchestra rehearsal and chips

If music be the love of food, eat up!
Here's hago's first Rehearsal & Chips of 2013...

HAGO Trolley-Dolly

We had our own in-flight stewardess - Trolley-Dolly Avril

Baked Beans

We're not saying that our contra players have large hands,
but this is a real photo, not a Photoshop mock-up... Honest!

HAGO's 14th birthday

If it's February, it's cake time!
Here's our 14th birthday cake, with the flames on the candles carefully chosen to be in the ratio of one to four in size...

HAGO's new concert dress?

"Oh, just a small piece then..."
Following the failure of last year's concert dress (inset), Derek tries a more religious garb, combining hago dog collar and red wimple...

HAGO in The News, Portsmouth

On 4th March we appeared in The Portsmouth News

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in The Portsmouth News
HAGO in PO9 magazine

Shortly afterwards, our local postcode newpaper, PO9 Magazine ran a feature on us

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in Farnham

Our concert in Farnham was advertised in the Farnham Herald

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in Farnham

Review of our April concert in the Farnham Herald

Star and Garter Richmond

In mid-May we journeyed for the last time to the imposing Royal Star & Garter Home in Richmond to play for the residents.

They will be moving to a new purpose-built home in the summer.

Our oldest audience member was 106 (and three quarters!)

HAGO nearly go to Abbey Road!

One last time across the crossing to pack the guitars and head for lunch...

It's not Abbey Road and we're not the Beatles...

It's not Abbey Road (and a cyclist reminded us of that... our loudest heckler so far!)

HAGO enjoys a pub lunch

Lunch was in a really peaceful pub down by the River Thames.

Pub Lunch - HAGO at Richmond

Just to prove our MD didn't spend the entire day behind a camera, here's
Derek & Clive, the famous double act...
Now remember, the pub was down by the river...

Walking off our lunch!

And what goes down must come back up again.

More hill!

... And then up some more.

Still it's good to walk off a big lunch!

HAGO @ West Sussex Guitar Club

hago's concert at West Sussex Guitar Club - virtually a sell-out!

HAGO at WEst Sussex Guitar Club

A view of the wonderful Recital Hall in Sudley Road Bognor

HAGO at West Sussex Guitar Club

At the end of the evening, Artistic Director Sasha Levtov presented a red rose to every lady in hago

HAGO n Sunday morning

The team after breakfast - Sunday morning. Concert done.
And, for reasons too complex to explain, all laughing about mustard

Anna and Gill leaving Hampshire Guitar Orchestra

At our July 4th rehearsal, we said Au Revoir, but not Goodbye to Anna and Gill, who are leaving hago. But they're returning as Alumni in October for our concert on October 19th!

A peep inside the albums

We presented them with personalised photo albums, and Caroline made up two large bunches of flowers.

HAGO in Sunday morning

Here's our new hago team wishing Anna & Gill all the very best.

Friends of Booundaries Surgery Concert - Four Marks

In November we played our 3rd concert at Four Marks, near Alton, in aid of
Friends of Boundaries Surgery, and it wouldn't be a hago concert without winding down with food and drink at a local hostelry...

Big and small hats!

After our Christmas Concert at a Sheltered Accommodation complex in Portsmouth we had a Christmas party with Chillis and Curries and some inexpensive crackers which had the largest and smallest paper hats we've ever seen!

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