hago in pictures - 2011

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2011

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2011 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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Guitar rehearsal - February

Here's the team working up an appetite at the rehearsal a few days after our 12th birthday

HAGO Birthday cake!

And Viv produced this excellent lemon cake, which was quite a lot bigger than the photo suggests!

HAGO Long Service Award

It's always a thrill when it's Long Service Award time
Hearty congratulations to Philip for his 200th attendance, and for being our tenth award winner, at this presentation in March

HAGO website 2011

Our website design stayed static but the content continued to grow

Petersfield Festival Hall - Hampshire Guitar Orchestra - 2011

We were pleased to welcome professional photographer Ernie Swinburn to our Petersfield concert on March 5th - here's one of his shots

Visit Ernie's website for some great photos!

HAGO in Cambridge

Our traditional visit to Cambridge to share a concert with Cambridge Guitar Orchestra was a couple of weeks earlier this year, in the second week of June. And what a great time it was!

See more in our CGO gallery

Flautissimo at St George's Portsea

There's every indication that something else might become a tradition too - a shared concert with Flautissimo, the Southampton Flute Orchestra, who play up to 5 different sizes of flute. This year it was our turn to host the evening and we met at St George's Portsea.

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Two feet tall

In July, it was up to Richmond for a concert at the Star & Garter home.
We're not saying the Star and Garter staff are short, but that door is only two feet tall, and to prove it, here are two feet!

View from the back of the Star and Garter

After the concert, a cup of tea and a breath-taking view in the gardens of the Home.

Picnic in the park

The after-concert picnic in Richmond Park

Having a sleep

Mind you, not everyone could cope with the pace...

Deer in Richmond Park

Attracted by the noise of Derek's cheap jokes, someone pops by hoping for a deer one...

HAGO Long Service award

Straight after the summer there were more Long Service Awards...
Congratulations to Avril, another Silver Award winner!

Long Service award

And congratulations to Lisa - Bronze Award - 100 attendances

HAGO at St Cuthberts

Hot favourite (pardon the irony) for the coldest concert we've played was in December - St Cuthbert's first concert in their refurbished church.
Photo formerly on the St Cuthbert's website

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