hago in pictures - 2010

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2010

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2010 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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Hampshire Gutiar Orchestra rehearsal - February 2010

We begin the year with a big photo of a big rehearsal, with two visitors whom we hope will join us permanently!

HAGO's 11th birthday

Our rehearsal on 4th March had the biggest attendance ever
What a perfect way to celebrate our eleventh birthday!

11th birthday cake

Heather produced yet another scrumptious cake...

11th birthday cupcakes

And Viv had 24 of these made for us...

HAGO long service awards

It's always a thrill when it's Long Service Award time
Here's Caroline and Kathryn with certificates and gifts.
Our eighth and ninth long-service award winners

Presentation to Kathryn and Tracy

time to say goodbye to Tracy, and to Kathryn, who is emigrating.
We presented them with personalised albums.

Personalised photo albums

Here's a peep inside them!


On 20th March, we teamed up with Flautissimo, the Southampton Flute Orchestra, for a concert at Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton.

It's a fantastic sound they make! Visit their website

hago at Turner Sims Southampton

And here's hago - 16-strong - playing one of their two sets

Apologies for the quality - it was taken from quite a way back in the hall!

hago doing what we do best

hago doing what we do best - the Post-Concert wind-down

Long Service Awards

Our April rehearsal had so many fine moments in it, but none lovelier than the chance to present Viv & Rich with certificates and a gift in silver paper - their Silver Long Service award - 200 rehearsals each!

HAGO Guitar orchestra at Emsworth

On 17th April we returned to Emsworth, this time to the Baptist Church
Here we are setting up.

Ensworth also features in our YouTube video about the Solar Boat

Bass and alto guitars

Not so much "Football's coming home" as "the Bass's coming home"
Here's our "new" bass, last played in hago 3 years ago, and now fitted with a Tornavoz - hear what a Tornavoz does here...

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's first "mouse"

hago's first "mouse" - having put a Tornavoz in our latest bass, we noticed a buzz. It was a mouse - a ball of fluff that rolls around inside, getting larger. The bass is now buzz-free!

The Olivier Theatre, Bedales School

On May 22nd, we played at the purpose-built Olivier Theatre at Bedales School, in aid of FOSS - Friends of Sheet School

Alto and prime guitars

In June we purchased a second hand alto (pictured here alongside a conventional prime or classical guitar) as an emergency spare...

Guitar Cases

"Er, excuse me, have you seen my case?"
The Green Room at Waterlooville Music Festival - just some of our 19 cases!

hago playing in Portsea

Our traditional concert with Cambridge Guitar Orchestra took place at St George's Portsea. It wasn't without an element of drama - there had been a fire in the electricity Substation and 47,000 properties were plunged into darkness. Fortunately, the Church was soon reconnected!

HAGO Rehearsal

At our final rehearsal before the summer break...

HAGO at the Star and Garter Richmond

We were invited back to the Royal Star & Garter Home at Richmond
This was a morning concert that saw us getting up at an unheard of time of day for a Saturday!

Star and Garter Richmond

One of the alcoves in the entrance hall at the Royal Star & Garter Home


Next to our Green Room was a room full of memorabilia from recent decades. See more photos here (from our previous concert in 2009)

HAGO website 2010

Here's a screen shot of our 2010 website design with slideshow

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