hago 's 10th birthday 'Marksterclass'

Our birthday present - March 22nd 2009

hago celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 25th, 2009.

Our birthday present to ourselves was to have a day of guitar playing in the company of Mark Eden, at the punningly-titled Marksterclass. And so it was that we met up at Lovedean Village Hall on March 22nd, the first date we could manage, for a day of music-making and celebration.

We had a great day, with music from the hago repertoire and some excellent music that Mark brought along...

Guitar cases

Right - we've got to start somewhere - let's get all the bits out and see if we can assemble an orchestra...

What do the instructions say? Insert Guitar A into Lap B..

hago and Mark Eden

That's better - we have an ensemble now!

Discussing the music

Mark stressed the importance of warming up properly, though his ice-breaker "Obstacle Race and Treasure Hunt" was really not quite what we were expecting...

3 of hago

In third place, winning one sheet of music is Derek.
In second place, winning two, is Rich.
But the winner is Kathryn, who is awarded more sheets of music than can sensibly fit on one stand...

Another 3 of hago

A bit of a tussle breaks out in the far corner and music stands clash as the time-honoured custom of the "Guitar Duel" takes place.
It's like a Duet, but only one is left at the end...

Yet more of hago

In the Blue Corner, the women outnumber the men, and the scent of victory is in their nostrils. Only the smile gives away their secret...

The rest of the team

Gill beats Viv to the finish - Gill's satisfaction clearly visible, and Viv's superhuman efforts are ultimately foiled and for once she finishes in the pack instead of ahead of it - her disappointment is clear to see...

A Happy Birthday toast

After all the exertion, the games and the duels, everyone's a winner!

HAGO always enjoy food!

But everything so far was just a prelude to the real purpose of the hago 10th Birthday Marksterclass...
The food!

Mark was superb, as ever. Afterwards he wrote

Thanks to all in HAGO for making the day so enjoyable. Great playing, commitment, ensemble teamwork, and joy in your performance. I think I had way too much fun. Best wishes to all.

Mark's perception of the day is on his blog at this webpage...