hago in pictures - 2009

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2009

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2009 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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10th Birthday

Our pictures for 2009 begin with food.
What a surprise!
Here's our 10th birthday, in February

Thank You Card

hago played at Sherfield English as our opening concert in 2009.
We were touched to receive a lovely card at the end of the evening.

hago Masterclass

On March 22nd we welcomed Mark Eden over to share a day of food and friendship.
Check out our Masterclass Gallery for the story of what happened behind closed doors....

hago at West Sussex Guitar Club

In April, we played a concert at West Sussex Guitar Club.

You can watch 5 pieces from the concert at our YouTube channel.

The Royal Star and Garter Home

One of our loveliest concerts we've EVER played was at the Royal Star and Garter Home in Richmond.
This magnificent building is home to many ex-servicemen & women and widows/widowers of serving people whose disabilities mean that they need the care and attention that only a place like this can offer.
It was a privilege to play to so many fantastic people!

Star and Garter residents

Here's a shot of hago tuning up just before the start.

One of our most moving and special concerts ever....

CGO rehearsing

The hago year wouldn't be complete without our annual "joust" with Cambridge Guitar Orchestra. (CGO)

It was an "away fixture" this year, and here are the All-Blacks psyching themselves into a frenzy....

Visit our CGO gallery for the whole story - there's a LOT more to tell!

Peter Rueffer

Well, here's a clue then...

CGO's Musical Director Peter Rueffer is welcomed with tokens of affection, and is looking a little confused.
He sports a "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" look...

More here...

A typical hago rehearsal

On 2nd July we took this panoramic view of a hago rehearsal.

Thanks to Kate Morris for the photo!

Portsmouth Guildhall

We were thrilled to be invited back to Portsmouth Guildhall as guests of Milton Glee Club for a massive concert.

There's something so moving in playing to such a large audience - it's a wonderfully powerful thing....

hago in the Dressing Room

And here we are in the Dressing Room, trying to look calm!

St Mary's

Soon afterwards we played at the historic Church of St Mary's in the grounds of Portchester Castle.

In order to give everyone the best chance to hear us, we sat sideways in the Church - here we are setting up...

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra at Swanmore

The stage is set for our final public concert of 2009, at St Barnabas, Swanmore, in aid of The Rowans Hospice.

HAGO website 2009

Here's our 2009 website design with an "action shot" on the home page

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