hago in pictures - 2007

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2007

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2007 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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Hampshire Guitar Orchestra 8th Birthday

Why does every album in our gallery of "hago in pictures" always seem to begin with food?

Well, we suppose it's probably because our birthday (in February) is in the middle of winter, when we don't have many concerts...

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's 8th birthday

hago rehearsing at Lovedean on our 8th Birthday celebration

Tracy - 100 rehearsals!

It's always a thrill when it's Long Service Award time
Here's Tracy with a certificate and gift to commemorate her first 100 rehearsals. Well done Tracy, our seventh award winner!

The curious case of the raffle tickets

Over in Winchester, our MD Derek Hasted was invited to draw three winning raffle tickets from his own guitar case.
He was given a guitar case full of raffle tickets in appreciation...

Cambridge Guitar Orchestra

Our now traditional annual shared concert with Cambridge Guitar Orchestra took place on 23rd June. Here are CGO at the start of the concert.

Peter Rueffer - CGO's conductor...

CGO players recoil in horror at Peter Rueffer's new look.

Find lots more pictures in our Cambridge Guitar Orchestra gallery.

The Birdman of Bognor

Bognor, with its eclectic mix of the serious (aiming for a large cash prize) and those raising money for charity.

See more in our Birdman of Bognor gallery

hago at Portsmouth Guildhall

In September it was a great thrill to go behind the curtain at The Portsmouth Guildhall to perform in a concert by the Milton Glee Club

hago at Portsmouth Guildhall

Open the door and here we are, just prior to scrubbing up and getting on stage

Milton Glee Club

Photographs are not allowed during the performance;
here's a picture of Milton Glee Club in rehearsal

HAGO website 2007

Our website served 547,788 pages in 2007

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