hago in pictures - 2003

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2003

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2003 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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HAGO's fourth birthday

In February, we celebrated our fourth birthday.

There's something a little odd about that white spike in the cake - check out our Out-Takes for more!

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's 4th birthday

Here's the team eating a slice of cake. Or two slices in one case!

HAGO at West Sussex Guit Club

In March, we played a small concert followed by a workshop at West Sussex Guitar Club
View our WSGC gallery

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra leading the Workshop

In the second half, we were joined by players from WSGC to prepare and perform a special version of La Bamba.
La Bamba is for sale in our MD's shop.

HAGO at West Sussex Guitar Club

Here's a close-up of the team - thank you Ric Prior for the photo

HAGO rehearsing at St John's Church Hall Purbrook

Here's HAGO in June, preparing for our first ever visit to Cambridge and guests of Cambridge Guitar Orchestra

The hago team at St Edward's Cambridge

And here we are - at the Church of St Edward, King and Martyr.

See more in our Cambridge Guitar Orchestra Gallery.

HAGO at the Conway Hall, London

In November, we journeyed to the gloomy Conway Hall in central London to compete in the 6th Guitar Orchestra Competition of Great Britain.
And we won it!

HAGO at the Rowans Hospice

Our final concert of 2003 took place in the Seminar Room at The Rowans Hospice, in Purbrook, where our Christmas Concert raised funds for their appeal.

HAGO at The Rowans Hospice

Another photo from The Rowans, courtesy of Geoff Page

The Guitar Orchestra Competition trophy

Here's a photo of the trophy that we won at the 6th Guitar Orchestra Competition - read more here...

The HAGO Cup for ensemble performance

This, by contrast, is our Cup that we donated to the Portsmouth Music Festival, specifically for ensemble guitar performance.

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra website 2003

Here's our 2003 website - 126 pages with photos & soundclips of more events, more music for sale and free music download.

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