hago in pictures - 2001

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2001

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2001 - highlights of just some of the things we've been up to...

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HAGO's second birthday

One of a large number of cake-eating Februaries in the history of hago - 15th February 2001, and our second birthday. And cake!

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in the Menuhin Room

We entered the Guitar (8 or more instruments) category in the Portsmouth Music Festival, and won first prize.

hago pictured here in the Menuhin Room at the Norrish Central Library

The Portsmouth Music Festival Cup

And here's the cup we held for a year, pictured in the middle of our winning formula...

A bow-tie, a baton and our score for Isle of Amor

The hago team that won first prize at Portsmouth Music Festival

Here's a photo of the hago team that played at PMF, together with the cup

Chichester Music Festival Old School Trophy

We also entered the Chichester Music Festival and won first prize in the Guitar Orchestra category, getting to hold this rather unusual looking trophy for a year.

HAGO's first contra guitar

In April we bought our first contra and challenged the team to come up with a caption for this photo. The winning caption was...

"Are you sure that's all the instructions that came with it? We've still got two hands left over in the middle here!"

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's first Alto Guitar

On 24th May, our Raimundo Alto guitar was fully paid for and handed over in a ceremony that gave rise to the Hampshire Air Guitar Orchestra out-take...

HAGO Website 2001

At Christmas, Santa Claus dropped in to say hello on our website...

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