hago in pictures - 2000

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 2000

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 2000 - highlights of some of the things we've been up to...

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HAGO Website 2000

On 4th June 2000, we launched our website.
Containing just 8 pages, it was hosted on a free ISP with no domain name. Today we are, of course, at hago.org.uk

At the start, the website was called "Derek Hasted's Guitar Orchestra"
to match his other ensemble "Guitar Workshop"

Hago's Bass Guitar

In July hago formally took ownership of its first Niibori guitar - the bass - at a social get-together at our Musical Director's house.

Hago's Bass Guitar

Competition was fierce - everyone wanted a go!

hago September 2000

On 7th September we changed our name - until then we had been our Musical Director's Guitar Orchestra, but now we were Havant Area Guitar Orchestra, a name which later changed to the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra. Here's the team finding our christening is the perfect excuse to uncork some wine!

Hago's Website 2000

At the same time as our change of name, our website was redesigned - this time in white

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