hago in pictures - 1999

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra in pictures - 1999

Welcome to our gallery of photos from 1999 - highlights of some of the things we've been up to...

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Hago's founder members

The team - February 25th 1999 - our first rehearsal

Left to right, starting at the back...
Perry, Geoff, Avril, Howard, Derek
Ro, Heather, Rich, Viv
ElaineS, Philip, ElaineM, Jean

Hago's first concert

Our first concert was in July 1999, split 50/50 with our Musical Director's Guitar Workshop

hago December 1999

Here's a photo of the hago team on 2nd December

hago's first Niibori instruments

And here are our first Niibori instruments - the bass (centre) and the alto (right).
The alto was tuned to requinto tuning for the first few months...

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