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Views from the Garden

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The Garden

Welcome to my Garden, where I'm able to show visitors from far afield just a little of the world outside my window, here in South East Hampshire, UK.

Come and see the view.

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Hampshire England Where are we? Welcome to South East Hampshire, UK
Photos from South East Hampshire Views from the garden (1) Hampshire scenery and attractions near my garden
Photos from the Spinnaker Tower Views from the garden (2) Spectacular views from the Spinnaker Tower
Photos from Bedhampton Parish Views from the garden (3) Photos from my days as webmaster of St Thomas and St Nicholas (Parish of Bedhampton gallery)
Bedhampton - a micro-history Views from the garden (4) A little history of Bedhampton plus historic maps of the local area
Bedhampton Parish Maa`zine 1958 Travel back to 1958 The first ever Bedhampton Parish Magazine - fantastic adverts!