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I've had an Internet presence since 1998, when things were a little less sophisticated.

You've arrived at my Guitar Ensemble Music School - my old website (now a cobwebsite - slowly gathering dust).

Do explore what's here. Some of the pages take you back to my new site, some take you down dark corridors to dusty archives, some stop by for moments of quirkiness and humour...

This isn't a real school, but it's laid out like one, so you can explore a large site in a very intuitive way. So wander along corridors, peek round doorways, slip into rooms unobserved!

It's laid out in floors - just visit a floor from the tabs above. Each floor has a theme and a colour scheme...

When you visit a floor, you'll find doors - each door leads to a room or to a suite of rooms.

Every room has its own topic - take a look at the site map!

Shortcuts on the right take you straight to the most popular rooms

The foot of each screen has links to the previous and next rooms in the same area.
Use these to move through a sequence of related rooms and back to the door you entered!

Produced by Derek Hasted MA(Cantab) DipABRSM MISM
I run an ensemble Workshop on the Hants Sussex border in Hampshire at the foot of the South Downs.
I'm a qualified Classical Guitar Teacher offering solo tuition with highly structured lessons.
My name's all too easy to mis-spell, but even if you typed gutiar or ensmeble into a search engine by mistake, or any mix of Derek, Derrick or Dereck plus Hasted, Hastead or Halstead, you've still found me!