Past concerts and events

7th July 2018

Summer Party and Student Concert

Lovedean Village Hall

Each year, there's an open invitation to all my students to come to my annual Summer Party and Student concert on the first Saturday evening in July, at Lovedean Village Hall. Each year, about a quarter of my students bravely volunteer to play an item at a little informal concert. And then there's food and wine and chats!


Soneto (Macdonald)

Christy K

J'Aime (Linnemann)

Aurora G

Souvenir (Linnemann)

Liz D

La Moinerie (Lindsey-Clark)

Steve P

Messidor (Miteran)

James G

Cycles In The Avenue (Lindsey-Clark)

Gary C

Chanson Pour Toi (Linnemann)

Liz D & Derek

Last Rose of Summer(arr Linnemann)

Viv H & Derek

Where Is Love? (Bart) (*)


Love Is Here To Stay (Gershwin)


(*) - My arrangement of "Where Is Love?" is published and available as an electronic download here


Student Social 2018

Left to right... Christy, Steve, James, Liz, Aurora, Viv, Gary