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Community Magazine - 1958..1964

Community magazine ran in its tabloid format from 1958 until 1964.

By 1964, the rather "art-deco" banner on the front page had been replaced by something much lower-key, and the strapline mentioned the now well-established area of Leigh Park instead of the once rather isolated Barncroft.

The banner was now just over half the width of the front page, instead of the full width

Community Newspaper banner 1964

The last edition - Volume 6, number 11 - came out in June 1964 with a Rector's letter that announced that future editions, in booklet form, would be called "Bedhampton Parish News". The costs of professionally preparing a newspaper that was circulated to an area much of which now fell inside the parish boundaries of the new church of St Francis in Leigh Park, was becoming excessive. A loss of £101 was made in 1963, for example. By today's standards, £101 is neither here nor there, but according to government statistics, the average wage in 1963 was £960, so Community was becoming a significant drain on Church finances.

In booklet form, however, the Parish Magazine has continued ever since...

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