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Meet my Farlington Guitar Workshop

I've told you how much fun there is in Ensemble Guitar Playing. How do I know?
Here's my proof! This photo was taken at one of our Workshops

Workshop guitarists

I started my Guitar Workshop in 1988 as a natural accompaniment (pardon the pun!) to structured Classical lessons.

Our aim

To play Guitar for the sheer enjoyment of playing. We meet once a fortnight and play about two informal concerts a year.
The two informal concerts are a chance for everyone to play in the ensemble items, and for volunteers to offer a solo or two

Our music

We have an unrivalled collection of ensemble music - over 150 pieces - and it's deliberately easy - except before a Concert, we don't need to practise Workshop music much at home - home time is for solos.

Workshop thrives partly because our music is ideal for sightreading, and partly because sightreading helps players develop. Most pieces have parts that present challenges at a variety of levels. As players progress they can choose more complex lines, or play in higher positions.

Open to all

Workshop is open to adult novice and intermediate guitarists who play classical or acoustic guitar fingerstyle from conventional notation