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Just a thought for you to take with you...

No single website can answer your every question on Ensemble Guitar - I wish I could!
No single website can address your interest at exactly the right level - I wish I could too!

  • As a teacher, my one aim is that you learn something new here.
  • If I've done my job it will all seem simple & fun. I hope you agree when you've clicked on the doors!

Any page here can be printed, free, for your personal use, but I still hold the copyright. Please respect my work in creating this site, and in composing and arranging music for Guitarists - like you - for your enjoyment and development.

My only rewards in maintaing this site are

  • Knowing visitors tell their friends, so I can welcome more Guitarists
  • Being able to advertise and sell copies of my published music

So if you enjoy your visit, please show your support...

Click Next to start your visit - I hope you enjoy your time here. Call back soon.

Derek Hasted