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My site's laid out like a Music School

Fourth floor - Concert Hall
If you live local to Havant - come and meet my players in an informal concert.

Third floor - Teaching Resources
Start here! Learn all about Ensemble Guitar - hints and tips a-plenty - all from experience!

Second floor - Student Facilities
Enjoy my special brand of refreshments and nourishment - meet my (real) players too!

First floor - Administration
Come behind the scenes a little and dig around

Ground floor - The Entrance Hall
See what's new on the noticeboard. Step outside if the weather's nice.

Basement - The Mortuary
Don't ask - just find out what to do when it's dead, Jim...

When the tour ends, I'll take you back to the entrance hall.
You'll find doors to click on, and links to other rooms on other floors - click there too!

If you have a text-only browser, bookmark my clickable site map.