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Title   Collection
20-40 Vision Diff'rent Dances 5
Angel Tidings Christmas Crackers for 3 guitars
Angels From the Realms of Glory Christmas Crackers for 4 guitars
Ay Ay Ay! South Of The Border
Botany Bach Fingerstyles
Brazil Nut Diff'rent Dances 2
Brighton Early Seaside Rock
Broadmarsh Blues Light Blues
Canariosity Diff'rent Dances 5
Captivation Celebration Suite
Caterpillar Clog Dance Music Medals (Bronze)
Celebration Celebration Suite
Cloud Five Five to Seven
Cloudscape Springtide
Conga Reel Diff'rent Dances 3
Consolation Celebration Suite
Contemplation Celebration Suite
Courante Affair Diff'rent Dances 5
Cuckoo Clock Rag Glad Rags
Deck The Hall Christmas Crackers for 3 guitars
Derby Mission Fingerstyles
El Kidd Diff'rent Dances 2
Falan Tiding Christmas Crackers for 4 guitars
First Class Stomp Diff'rent Dances 1
Fresh Air Springtide
Fundango Diff'rent Dances 5
Gaudete Christmas Crackers for 4 guitars
Goddesses Tiny Trios 1
Here Is Joy For Every Age Christmas Crackers for 3 guitars
Ho Ho Hornpipe (The) Music Medals (Silver)
Hove Tuesday Seaside Rock
Il Est Né Christmas Crackers for 3 guitars
Imaginary Reel Diff'rent Dances 4
J'ai du Bon Tabac Tiny Trios 1
Jammin' in the Traffic Jam Music Medals (Copper)
Jazz'd a Minute Waltz Diff'rent Dances 4
Jigsaw Diff'rent Dances 3
Jolly Miller (The) Tiny Trios 2
La Bamba South Of The Border
Lass of Richmond Hill (The) Tiny Trios 2
Leaves In The Breeze Music Medals (Gold)
Lilliburlero Tiny Trios 2
Lullay My Liking Christmas Crackers for 4 guitars
Mexican Jumping Bean Music Medals (Bronze)
Morning Mist Springtide
Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be? Tiny Trios 1
Pentatonic Blues Light Blues
Penultimate Waltz Diff'rent Dances 2
RagTag and Bobtail Glad Rags
Rain Dance Diff'rent Dances 1
Rock Around The Dock Fingerstyles
Russian Steppes Diff'rent Dances 3
Sailor's Reggae Fingerstyles
Sambarine Diff'rent Dances 4
Sans Day Carol Christmas Crackers for 4 guitars
Saraband Diff'rent Dances 1
Seventh Heaven Five to Seven
Six and Two Threes Five to Seven
Sky Blues Light Blues
Sloop John Bach Fingerstyles
Sunset Springtide
Table Tennis Tango Music Medals (Copper)
Teddy Bears' Picnic Teddy Bears' Picnic
Toccata and Folk Song Fingerstyles
Triangular Dance Diff'rent Dances 4
Tutu Tango Diff'rent Dances 1
Tyrolienne Diff'rent Dances 2
Up Good Christen Folk Christmas Crackers for 3 guitars
Vicar of Bray (The) Tiny Trios 1
Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy (The) Christmas Crackers for 4 guitars
Wailing Ghostly Rover Fingerstyles
War Dance Diff'rent Dances 3
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Christmas Crackers for 3 guitars
What If A Day Or A Month Or A Year? Tiny Trios 2
Whiskey Tango Bravo Fingerstyles
Yodelling Song (The) Music Medals (Silver)

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