Tiny Trios - Book 1


Tiny Trios book 1

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be?
J'ai Du Bon Tabac
The Vicar Of Bray

(See also Tiny Trios Book 2)


Four arrangements of well-known tunes; this is one of Derek's fastest-selling books. Ideal for less experienced players, but teachers can use the books with experienced players too, for warm-ups, tone work and up-the-neck alternative fingerings.

Classical Guitar Magazine writes "Plenty of interest for everyone"

From the Foreword...

" Specially written for players whose knowledge of the fingerboard does not yet really extend beyond the first position, the music suits a trio or a large Guitar orchestra.

I've made a point of adding no markings to the music, except a suggested metronome speed. This is because the music can be phrased to choice; and your choice is as valid as mine!

Teachers might like to note that most pieces contain two verses, which are harmonised differently. A change in tone or volume is especially effective when the music repeats, and your more able pupils should be encouraged to take at least some of each line further up the neck. When played on the thicker strings with vibrato, many of these pieces take on a whole new life. The music is unfingered so that you may choose which parts play in which position without spurious fingerings confusing the reader.

The choice of musical markings is yours. All I ask is that you are generous in adding them... "


Three guitars or large ensemble


Easy - Book 2 is marginally more complex


Score Sample

From J'ai du bon Tabac

Teachers in particular will welcome this trio for less experienced Guitarists, because the top part only has 5 notes. Mind you, you wouldn't think so to hear it! It's a good way of bringing together pupils of varying abilities without giving the weaker players the accompaniment all the time - here, the most modest of abilities can play the tune and be part of a lively and rich wall of sound. This piece just won't plod along!


Students Jean & Elaine playing live with Derek

Supplied as

A bound Full Score plus 2 copies of each part. No page turns.