Seaside Rock - Quartets


Seaside Rock for 4 guitars

Brighton Rock
Hove Tuesday


Two very lively quartets that will get your audience's feet tapping


Four guitars or large ensemble


Easy to Intermediate
Derek says "Ensemble music often sounds more than the sum of its parts.
It's hard to keep in step, so straightforward music often works better than complex!"


Sample of Brighton Rock

Once the playground of Regency London, the seaside resort of Brighton has a size and splendour which is inspiring.

Today, the town is a little the worse for wear, but it is a town alive with the young and carefree, and is full of laughter.

This piece captures some of that drive and joy.

The second piece in the Suite is very much tongue-in-cheek, for next to Brighton is Hove, retirement town for many well-to-do people, who regard the larger, and more famous Brighton as a bit of a boil on their backside. It's a joke that the town is called Hoe-Vactualee, since if you ask a posh person if they live in Brighton, they always reply "Hove, actually".

Supplied as

A bound Full Score plus 2 copies of each part. No page turns.