Light Blues - Trios


Light Blues

Broadmarsh Blues
Pentatonic Blues
Sky Blues


Three trios in a whimsical blues idiom


Three guitars or large ensemble




Broadmarsh BLues

From Broadmarsh Blues

Played with a definite shuffle feel, this piece really can motor. It's a firm favourite at Derek's novice Concerts as a solid, reliable opening piece to make the audience sit up and take note.

Derek writes:

It has special significance for me, in that nearby Broadmarsh Coastal Park, after which this piece is named, was, until recently, the most depressing piece of reclaimed land situated in sight of a dioxin-belching incinerator. And this piece captures some of that feeling when I wrote it in June 1995. Blues indeed!

Since then, the pompously named "Park" - a footpath round the edge of an inlet - has a new lease of life. The incinerator has been demolished, and birds from the neighbouring Nature Reserve can be seen flying overhead. The sunsets over the water now have a little more magic.

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A bound Full Score plus 2 copies of each part. No page turns.