Diff'rent Dances - Book 4


Diff'rent Dances Book 4

Imaginary Reel
Jazz'd a Minute Waltz
Triangular Dance

There are 4 other books in this series


One of five really popular books - hundreds of copies sold - each containing four trios in contrasting rhythms of the world. They can be played individually or as a sequence of highly varied rhythms from Samba to Saraband, Waltz to War Dance, and more!
Classical Guitar Magazine writes "Well written ensemble music"

There are 4 other books in this series


Three guitars or large ensemble


Easy to Intermediate - standard rises very slightly through the series



From Sambarine

Put blinkers on and play the rhythm exactly as written. Let the writing do the work! The swing in this piece comes from the interlocking of all the parts round the rhythms of each other. See from the extract that sometimes lines 2 and 3 are in step and sometimes they are interwoven.

This is a fine piece to go along with some sort of shakers - maracas or cabasa - or percussion - claves or woodblocks.

Supplied as

A bound Full Score plus 2 copies of each part. No page turns.