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Diff'rent Dances - Book 3

Teddy Bears' Picnic arr Derek Hasted

You Raise Me Up arr by Derek Hasted

Diff'rent Dances

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Different Dances

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Conga Reel
Russian Steppes
War Dance

There are 4 other books in this series


One of five really popular books - hundreds of copies sold - each containing four trios in contrasting rhythms of the world. They can be played individually or as a sequence of highly varied rhythms from Samba to Saraband, Waltz to War Dance, and more!
Classical Guitar Magazine writes "Well written ensemble music"

Players Three guitars or large ensemble
Difficulty Easy to Intermediate - standard rises very slightly through the series

Russian Steppes

From Russian Steppes

This piece combines a slow, mournful tune symbolic of a peasant lament with this sabre-rattling cossack-prancing centre section. The bass part has been written to be accessible to those with a growing but still limited vocabulary of chords, and the preponderance of open strings means that the piece gives a rich and sustained sound even as the chords are changing. This incipit shows a rehearsal mark, which appears on each of the single-part sheets as an aid to practising.

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Supplied as A bound Full Score plus 2 copies of each part. No page turns.
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