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About my ensemble guitar music

I have a simple philosophy in creating music - music is to be enjoyed.

To address all this, my music has a strong melody, a supportive bass-line and under-the-finger harmonies. Many of the pieces have a lively rhythm, so that they motor along and hold tightly together.

I've placed the best of my music with publishers, and more is on the way.

Each of my 75 Ensembles has been tested on willing (and unwilling, come to think of it) volunteers to ensure a good chance that each piece comes together at a first playing.

Much of my music is single-line, and in the practical sessions, you see that this is both an advantage when learning, and a great opportunity when playing. When you try the incipits here, don't just play the few bars. Try them in different positions, with different tone and different articulation. Compared to Solo Guitar, an Ensemble can hit much wider endstops of tone, volume and articulation - something which should be applied in your every playing. You will be surprised how much more can come from simple music when you attack it up the neck, with confidence and volume.

There is nothing more demoralising for a newly formed ensemble than to purchase inappropriate music and then to hear the fruits of a week's individual practice at home culminate in a complete and utter pig's breakfast when the group meets together. I hope my incipits will assure you that your purchases will never be inappropriate.

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