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The Jolly Miller
The Lass Of Richmond Hill
What If A Day Or A Month Or A Year?

(See also Tiny Trios Book 1)


Four arrangements of well-known tunes; this is one of Derek's fastest-selling books. Ideal for less experienced players, but teachers can use the books with experienced players too, for warm-ups, tone work and up-the-neck alternative fingerings.

Classical Guitar Magazine writes "Plenty of interest for everyone"


Three guitars or large ensemble


Easy - marginally more complex than Book 1


Score Sample

From The Jolly Miller

This piece is perhaps the most complex of the eight in the two books, venturing into the 2nd or 3rd position (depending on how you want to finger the top line above - a stretch or a shift), and incorporating all the elements that tax a player - compound time, semiquavers (sixteenth notes) and a flat to top it all off. Oh yes, and a few chromatic chords too!

This piece is a piece full of contrasts. The phrase above has already figured in the piece before we reach bar 25, above, but the harmony is totally different, so that neither the players nor the audience feel that the piece is in any way repetitive.

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A bound Full Score plus 2 copies of each part. No page turns.

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