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Botany Bach - Botany Bay in the style of JS Bach - 3 guitars
Rock Around the Dock - Captain Pugwash in the style of a Heavy Metal Band - 4 guitars
Derby Mission - Derby Ram in the style of a spy thriller - 3 guitars
Sailor's Reggae - Sailor's Hornpipe in the style of Jamaican Reggae - 3 guitars
Sloop John Bach - Sloop John B in the style of a Bach Chorale - 3 guitars
Toccata and Folk Song - Traditional Folk Tune in the style of an Organ Recital - 3 guitars
Wailing Ghostly Rover - Whistling Gypsy Rover in the style of a Horror Movie - 3 guitars
Whiskey Tango Bravo - Whiskey in the Jar in the style of a Tango - 4 guitars


This book of 8 arrangements of folk tunes in unusual styles is set for either 3 or 4 guitars - these short pieces make an ideal comedic spot in a concert

Players Three or four guitars (or large ensemble)
Difficulty Easy

Wailing Ghostly Rover Full Score

From Wailing Ghostly Rover

"Fingerstyles" takes well known UK Folk Tunes and gives them a going over as only Guitarists can!
This piece is "Whistling Gypsy Rover", sometimes called "The Gypsy Davey", a song about a young girl who falls in love, and elopes with a travelling Gypsy lad. The father is understandly a bit miffed with this, and chases his daughter. But when he catches up with them, he finds to his horror that he has misjudged them. The lad is not a lad but a Lord.

But in this version, imagine the father stalking the lovers in the bushes, in the style of a black and white Horror Movie; this is the result...

Supplied as A bound Full Score. No page turns.
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