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Rehearsal Session 1 - second part

Come to a Rehearsal and see what's involved

Rehearsal Plan

This practical session © Derek Hasted 1998 - please enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed your coffee break at the end of Part One of this session!

From Notes to Music

Once we can get through the piece, together, from start to finish, surely it's just a matter of time before the music gets better and better?

Growl! That's as near as you are going to get to seeing me lose my temper, because it's now that the real work begins.
Actually, it's now that the real fun begins too.

This is where we turn notes into music.

This is where we turn from being guitarists to being musicians.

This is where we see the wood and not the trees.

This is why we're playing in the Ensemble to start with!

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Some matters of interpretation

I jokingly included that mouthful phrase "Where am I coming from?" when I explained how I put the arrangement together.
Well, now we're playing it, this is the "Where are you going with it?" section, where I hope I can help you make something of the piece.

Some of these points will be beyond the novice player. That's OK - they are secondary to the joy of playing the notes, of hearing a big sound - at least to start with.

But these same points are the ones which the more experienced player ought to study in detail, as they are the way to add the gloss, the style and flair which makes this piece sound so very effective.

Interpretation - well, it's just that. It's how you interpret the music.
Which gives you the right to ignore all I've said. Or to replace it with your own ideas.

All I ask is two things...

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Your homework

What do you mean you don't want any homework?

Are you seriously going to bring that piece back next time, unpractised, and expect it to be better?

OK, apology accepted. Yes, and I will help you practise.

  1. Firstly, we're going to record ourselves playing. As we play the tape back, we're going to follow it through on the score. If you have some greaseproof, or tracing paper, you can lay it over the score, and mark on it any areas where things sound shall we say "unusual". Mind you, that tip is more use for expensive books of music - you can just as easily get a fresh copy of my Bach arrangement off your machine and scribble away to your heart's content.
  2. Secondly, we're going to chat over the areas which you've marked, to find out how to improve. I'll need you to tell me where you think they are!
  3. And lastly, we're going to take the music and the tape away and spend just a little time each day turning today's performance from a set of notes into a real piece.

I'll see you next time. And I can tell you that your hard work will be rewarded many times over.

That concludes today's Ensemble Rehearsal - Glad you could make it. Bye for now.

Oh - I see you've left me the washing up. Thanks...

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