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Rehearsal Session 1 - first part

Come to a Rehearsal and see what's involved

Rehearsal Plan

This practical session © Derek Hasted 1998 - please enjoy!

Come in, sit down and get some music

There's no such thing as a typical Ensemble piece, any more than there's a typical Ensemble group. Or indeed a typical Teacher.

Knowing that I'm most definitely not a typical Teacher, I thought you would perhaps like the chance to come to one of my rehearsals, and I'll take you through a new arrangement, which is yours to keep at the end of the lesson.

Since this is an e-rehearsal, you'll have to make do without me sharing a cup of coffee with you, and I'm afraid that you'll have to make your own copy of the music. It's a little Bach piece which I've arranged as a simple trio.

It's available as a PDF

If you print out the score, then we can discuss it.
Done? Good.
And you have your Guitar and your cup of coffee? Excellent! Just don't spill the coffee all over your new music.

Have you met all the other people at my rehearsal? No - Click here and let me introduce them to you. Close the new window to return here.

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The Purpose of this Rehearsal


Why indeed!

The purpose of this Rehearsal is that I hope I can teach you something.
No, that sounds too arrogant.
The purpose of this Rehearsal is that I hope you will learn something.

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Overcoming the language barrier...

I'm British. No - I don't need your sympathy - I couldn't help it, and I've quite got used to the idea now.

It means that I use "crotchet" when others use "quarter note".
It means that I use "quaver" when others use "eighth note".

It means that I use "practise" as the verb - the act of playing the Guitar.
It means that I use "practice" as the noun - session itself.
It means that sometimes, I still get the 'c' and 's' spellings round the wrong way...

It also means I drive on the left of the road when I take the car to my Ensemble Workshop...

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Today we're studying Bach...

Please respect my copyright in this arrangement by using this only for your personal use, and by keeping my copyright clause on each page.

Bach's "Now let us to the bagpipes sound..." from the Peasant Cantata.
Why did I choose this piece? Good question!

You should always have a set of good reasons why you choose a particular piece for your Ensemble.

Here's my list of reasons why I've picked this piece...

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About the general details

General details - the "where am I coming from?" of the arrangement.

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Our first run through

If you think that I've succeeded in making the lower parts melodic, then they'll stand on their own. I hope you'll agree that it makes some sense in this case to play through each line in isolation so that the tricky spots can be rehearsed in slow time and brought up to speed.

So you've done that? OK - keep an ear open for the natural accents that indicate each new bar, and away we go in a trio.....

You have to do this bit without me!

<plink> <sproing> <buzz> <melody> <wall of sound> <triumph!>

There you go - it wasn't too bad for a first try was it?

No. Don't start blaming each other for that buzz in the middle.

You're right - another coffee would be an excellent idea while we read on. It's OK - I'll get my own. Milk, no sugar.

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- Coffee break -

We reconvene here when you are ready!

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