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How to rehearse a guitar ensemble

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The Rehearsal Rooms

If you've not played in a Classical Guitar Ensemble before, my Rehearsal Rooms are where you can experience what it's like to take part in a rehearsal - from getting started to working on selected details line by line.

Hardly as much fun as a real rehearsal, I know, but here are bucketloads of ideas to make your own rehearsals more focused and more fun.

Come on in and polish up your part, as it were. Music provided!


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Come! Session 1 - Come to a rehearsal Eavesdrop on a rehearsal
Warmups Session 2 - Warmup ideas Simple ideas to get you into the swing of it all
listening skills Session 3 - Now 'ear this Improve your listening skills
Rhythm Session 4 - I've got rhythm Rhythmic issues in Ensemble playing