Videos and Soundfiles

Teaching Videos

Here's a video of one the pieces my students love - Helen Sanderson's "West Coast"

There are some neat little tricks that unlock this piece and make it so much fun to play!

For more teaching videos, visit my teaching website's Sound and Vision page

Performance Videos

Here's a hand-held video of fusion (Gilly Slot, Lisa Wheadon, me and Claire Whiteside) playing my arrangement of John Goodin's "Driftless" at the Southampton Music Festival...

Gilly (flute), Lisa (guitar), Derek (guitar) & Claire (double bass) - photo John Whiteside

Read about fusion here

I used to direct the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra. Here's one of our many videos...

For more videos, visit the HAGO YouTube Channel

Many of the most popular HAGO arrangements are for sale as electronic downloads

Here's a performance of Maria Linnemann's "I Love You". Excuse the noise of what seems like fireworks. It was fireworks!

Pictured - Nina Rideout and Derek Hasted


Here's Gilly Slot and myself playing Pa├žoca

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