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Bedhampton UFOs - Fact or Fantasy?

One of the delights of living on the South Coast of England is that we are just a little bit removed from the mayhem and madness that pervade the larger towns in the UK.

Bedhampton is one such sleepy little South Coast village.

Except ...
Bedhampton is, so the Internet suggests, a UFO hotspot. Indeed, a UFO hotspot par excellence, if the reports are to be believed.

So maybe my joke about a "torpedo shaped object in the sky" being the perfect excuse for returning home late from an Ensemble get-together deserves more credibility that you or I first thought!

Why not search the Internet for "Bedhampton UFO" and get your facts sorted so your excuse just trips off your tongue when you need it.

If you want just a little more tongue-firmly-in-cheek detail, why not visit my sister site - the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra, and look up "Havant" in the Site Index...